Our Technology


Pin High's Goal is to offer players the finest performance apparel in golf. Designed by golfers, we use premium fabrics and functional design to make our clothing ideal for all playing conditions. The collections are designed as a complete system to give players unparelleled performance using proprietary technical fabrics engineered to the exact specification of Tour Professionals. Pin High's fabrics are custom milled and engineered specifically for golf. This results in superior moisture management, breathability, odour control and prevents piling and snagging for the lifetime of the garment. Our shirts also have a player specific fit, which is neither baggy nor tight and our extra body profile will stay in place throughout the entire golf swing. The Pin High design process is a reflection of clean lines, classic looks and quality manufacturing. We only use the finest fabrics that will last the lifetime of the garment.
SwingDry Tech® Line of Products offer the highest quality of technical fabrics in our line. With moisture wicking and UAV/UVB protection of SPF 45+ SwingDry Tech® also offers sublimation colors that are infused into the fabrics that stay brilliant for years to come. Our experience in producing fabrics has given us the knowledge in producing top quality yarns and expertise in skills of permanently locking color in the fabric. With style comfort and extensive R&D that is unparalleled. SwingDry Tech® is our top of the line and makes an impressive statement in styling Quality and technology.

Pin High SwingDry® garments are engineered from the ground up using extensive R&D to offer golfers specific designs and Fabrics that provide non-restrictive muscle movement, which allows for greater freedom of movement while swinging. SwingDry® technology is created with the golf swing in mind and ensure to improve and enhance your game. All of our garments Offer premium moisture management so you stay dry and comfortable. Permanent moisture management - won't wash out, extremely breathable and provide some protection from UV exposure.


CoolDry® products feature our exclusive CoolDry® moisture wicking fabrics to keep moisture out and promote rapid evaporation to help regulate body temperature. CoolDry® fabrics utilize a unique combination of layers to move moisture rapidly away from your skin. A thin layer of fabric grabs moisture and pulls it away from your skin and the outer layer pushes moisture to the surface. Moisture is spread out over the large surface area of the fabric so it can quickly evaporate. CoolDry® not only manages moisture to keep you comfortable and dry during your round of golf but also has SPF 45+ UVA/UVB protection.
Showcasing clean silhouettes, the richest fabrics and finest tailoring, the Pin High collection is manufactured to the highest production standards.





Our Technology Symbols mean




Anti Wrinkle: keeps you shirts comfortable to wear.
Wicking: moves moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric, where it evaporates.


Breathable: moisture and heat transportation to adjust the temperature.
QuickDry: keeps you dry and creates a comfortable inner environment in the garment.


Micro Anti Bacterial: keep your garment still fresh and comfortable
UV Protection: protects the body against the UV rays.


CoolLight: the CoolLight fabrics are very flattering and fit all body types